College Republicans at the University of California at Berkley are gearing up for an interesting fundraiser: An Affirmative Action bake sale.

Apparently, the campus group decided to protest a pending law in California that would once again consider race, gender, and national origin during the admissions process. The group feels considering these factors would unfairly tip the scale in favor of women and minorities and have decided a bake sale is the easiest way to demonstrate their frustration.

Campus Republicans have proposed creative bake sale pricing to illustrate the “unfairness” of Affirmative Action. During the sale, which is scheduled for Tuesday, they will sell baked items to White men for $2.00, Asian men for $1.50, Latino men for $1.00, Black men for $0.75 and Native American men for $0.25 (Native American women are free). All women will get $0.25 off the prices.

Campus Republican President Shawn Lewis told CNN: “The pricing structure is there to bring attention, to cause people to get a little upset, but it’s really there to cause people to think more critically about what this kind of policy would do in university admissions.”

Predictably, CAL Berkley students are fiercely upset about the race-based bake sale. Many have spoken out about it and have caused campus Republicans to cancel their regular lunchtime outreach activities.

Although campus Republicans say their goal is to protest unfair admission practices for women and minorities, White and Asian students make up the bulk of the enrollment, while African American and Latino enrollment has been declining over the years.

In 2010, CAL Berkley’s racial make up was:

  • 3.4% African American
  • 0.8% American Indian
  • 11.5% Chicano/Latino
  • 45.7% Asian American
  • 31.7% White
  • 7.0% Not Given
Despite the controversy their bake sale has cause, campus Republicans say they will continue with the planned event.

What do you think? Is this a good way to protest Affirmative Action? Do you feel colleges should consider race and/or gender during the admissions process? Sound off! 

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