After spreading an electrifying message of hope throughout the Poverty Tour on America in his own unique fashion, Cornel West took his progressive initiative to lower Manhattan to support the fed up citizens who’ve chosen to Occupy Wall Street. West is the 3rd high profile individual to make an appearance at the demonstration (during its eleventh straight day of resistance) following filmmaker Michael More and actress Susan Sarandon.

On Monday night, West engaged the crowd using a call & response approach telling them “not to be afraid to say revolution” – and stuck it to the oligarchs and plutocrats in the process.
In line with his “coldhearted” diatribe on America’s pathological brand of wealth inequality, West declared, “the greed of Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats who squeeze the democratic juices out of this country.” His chant continued:

“I am so blessed to be here.” You got me spiritually break-dancing on the way here. Because when you bring folk together, of all colors, of all cultures, of all genders, of all sexual orientations the elite will tremble in their boots. And we will send a message that this is the U.S. Autumn, responding to the Arab Spring.”

The Princeton professor closed out his speech by announcing:

“We want to transfer power from oligarchs to ordinary citizens… We the people have found our voice.”

View footage of Cornel West speech below:


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  • Gigi Young

    I respect West and all, but it seems like he’s only coming out and shouting about issues because he’s holding a grudge against Obama.

  • Pink

    So has any other past Presidents including Clinton, and both Bushes assured that we ALL had jobs?!? Hell to the Nah!! If that was the case then we all would be sitting pretty with 6 figure jobs and above. Yet some people think President Obama is supposed to be a miracle work and ensure everyone in the country has a job. How ridiculous!!

  • entro

    I understand what your saying Amber and you are right about the housing and job situation, but you are ralling at the wrong place. WHY THE HELL ARENT YOU RALLYING AGAINST CONGRESS AND THE REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONISTS.They have been the reason why nothing has been able to get done.This whole thing disgusts me . People arent paying attention

    • Amber J

      One of the topics discussed in the Occupy LA general assemblies is in addition to Wall Street we need hold our government accountable for the economic inequality also. That is why we have decided to occupy LA’s city hall.