From Frugivore — Anytime a celebrity or major public figure undergoes dramatic weight loss, the public seems to raise its eye in disbelief that the process must’ve been anything but healthy.

“She must’ve starved herself.”

“We know she was in the bathroom after eating.”

“Look how small she’s gotten. We can see her ribs! She must have an eating disorder.”

While it’s certainly admirable for the public to care about the health of its favorite celebrities, not every dramatic weight loss story is a sign of an eating disorder. Eating disorders are defined as a group of conditions composed of abnormal eating habits that involve either insufficient or excessive food intake to the detriment of an individual’s physical and mental health. While the most popular faces of eating disorders have been ribs-protruding, young white women, the truth is that people of all body types, races, and genders suffer from these diseases. And moreover, newly-achieved thinness or dramatic weight loss is not an automatic diagnosis.

But what could dramatic weight loss be a sign of? Well, it could serve as evidence of a strict exercise and dietary regiment. It could be a byproduct of surgery. It could come from dieting pills. It could result from a lot of potential situations, including an eating disorder, but that shouldn’t be the first conclusion that we jump to.

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