From Frugivore — It’s hard not to be happy for Jennifer Hudson. Ever since she made her star turn in Dreamgirls (no small feat, considering that the film was clearly positioned to be a breakout role for the already-huge Beyoncé), its been refreshing to watch the ‘round the way sister from Chicago get the accolades and props that are usually reserved for women who fit Hollywood’s narrow definition of “good enough”. And while some big girls felt left behind by the Oscar winner’s massive weight loss, most folks have given Hudson her props for living healthier and for liking the way she looks. Go Jen!

But…yo. We hate those commercials.

Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” is a timeless standard. A beautiful, lush tune that *usually* makes listeners feel joyful when they hear it. The arrangement for J.Hud’s ads is weak and her screeching vocals are just too annoying for words. Why is she yelling? Hudson has a beautiful voice, but the Weight Watchers’ ads have reduced her to this loud, hollering thing and it isn’t inspiring us to get more fit or to admire her work. It’s just…aggravating.

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