Glenn Beck may be gone from your TVs, he is still on your computer. Well, that is if you are willing to pay your subscription for his internet-only talk show.

Luckily, someone at The Hollywood Reporter was willing to shell out the $9.95 monthly fee to watch Beck be Beck. And from their report, we head that the show was, as expected, a rage cage.

This time, Beck went off about the planning of the New York City World Trade Center September 11th tribute.

Glenn Beck kicked off his new Internet-only series Glenn Beck by trashing the 9/11 memorial ceremony, calling it a “complete and total disgrace” that first responders were not invited.

New York City officials had previously stated that there was not enough room at the former World Trade Center site to accommodate all the family members and security precautions. But Beck wasn’t buying it. He also complained about the lack of clergy at the service, calling it “a slap in the face of God.”


While there are many who would agree with Beck on his point about the limited invitations, the show reverted quickly back to illogical as Beck led a discussion about the difference between “good Muslims” and “bad Muslims.”

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  • Malcolm X

    While I don`t agree with Glenn Becks` political views, I do agree with him on this point. I, for one, have never gotten caught up in the sentimental portrayal of 9/11 because I have serious reservations about what really went down on that faithful day. I submit, there`s a lot more to the story than what meets the eye. But, that`s an entirely different issue, altogether, and I won`t bore you with my theory. However, if they`re going to have a ceremony, commentorating the event, it should definitely be done the proper way.


    • Priceless

      Anyone with commen sense knows 9/11 was perpetrated by our dear government. While I don’t care for Beck he has a point.
      Anyway, I refused to get caught up in 9/11 or any ritualistic memorials as it only add to the santanic worship of the 9/11 attack….RIP to those who were SACRIFICED on that day.

  • Priceless


    • Malcolm X

      Kudos!!! My point exactly. Your, entire, post echoes my sentiments exactly. Why should I pay tribute to The ‘BAPHOMET,’ aka, The BEAST? I just wasn`t going to go into all the details. Great to know there are some astute, conscious, people out there.


  • andre

    f*ck glenn beck.

  • … He didn’t call the tribute a “slap in the face of God,” but the lack of clergy a “slap in the face of God.” Trying to grab readers with sensationalized, but incorrect, headlines is a disappointing low.

  • I wrote an article entitled “A Slap in the Face of God” about the “Disinvitation of 1st
    Responders & Clergy” by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to “10th Memorial for 9/11.
    “A Slap in the Face of God”, by Patra Minocha…, also can be “Googled” as:
    “Open Letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg About 9/11 Disinvitation”.
    The article is posted on over a dozen websites. “A Slap in the Face of God” by Patra
    was also forwarded to hundreds of Facebook friends from different websites. Twitter,
    & Linkedin. It was an uncanny coincidence that Glenn Beck described disinvitation of
    Clergy to “10th Memorial of 9/11” using same words, “A Slap in the Face of God”, was
    1st published in The Post & Email on Thursday, September 8, 2011, then published on
    numerous sites since. (2) different photos of Mayor Bloomberg were published with the
    article. I hope by now that Mayor Bloomberg realizes the magnitude of the mistake he
    made in “Disinviting 9/11’s Heroic 1st Responders & Clergy”!!