Over the weekend, Florida’s Republican presidential straw poll saw a surprise winner: Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain.

Cain, who is a Tea Party favorite, beat out front-runners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry to take the top spot in the contest which has been a fairly accurate predictor of who takes home the party’s presidential nomination.

Some say Cain’s victory signals a resurgence in the Tea Party, which many political insiders argue have lost stream over the past year. While others argue Cain’s surprise victory was essentially a “no confidence” vote against the GOP’s main candidates Romney and Perry.

Last week, all eyes were on Rick Perry as he imploded during the Florida Republican presidential debate. During the debate Perry seemed to struggle to hit his talking points, and bungled an important foreign policy question about the Middle East. Many insiders commented about Perry’s dismal performance wondering it he would be able to endure the long presidential season. As Florida Tea Partiers watched Perry stumble, Herman Cain emerged as the one they turned to.

So who is Herman Cain?

Cain is a graduate of Morehouse College and served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City between 1992 and 1996. Since entering the presidential race, Cain has been a favorite of Tea Party constituants for his  anti-government views. If elected Cain says he will “repeal and replace” the health care law, reduce government spending, drill for more oil in the U.S., invest more money in the military, and secure the borders.

Although Cain’s campaign may enjoying a boost after his Florida victory, many still believe he is unelectable. But…stranger things have happened.

Did you watch last week’s Republican debates? Would you vote for Herman Cain? 

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  • Pilot

    Tea Party adherents have always struck me as being similar to a dog that runs in a fenced yard – all he knows is what is in that tiny piece of land that he inhabits, he knows nothing about what is outside his fenced-in world, and he barks threateningly and ferociously at anyone that walks by, anyone he thinks is going to try to infringe on what he’s got. They’re scared of the unknown others, scared of losing whatever they have, scared of change.

    They’re what’s known in dog circles as “fear-biters”.

    If they love Herman Cain, then I don’t.

    • edub

      Yes we Cain!
      This guy is outstanding!

  • Obama better hope that Cain doesn’t become the GOP representative for the 2012 election. If the Republicans had any sense, they’d push Herman and hard.

    • TR

      Herman Cain, or Rick Perry for that matter, on the Republican ticket would gift wrap Obama a second term. The GOP has Obama stumbling and all they can think of is putting the most idiotic, right wing candidates forward. Romney could defeat Obama. But these right wing types don’t have a snow ball’s chance in the general election.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and call shenanigans on “securing the borders.” We all know candidates like votes too much.

  • @Would you vote for Herman Cain?

    Nope I don’t vote for bigots and those who assoicate with bigots.