From The Grio — An angry crowd stood at the courthouse steps yelling “murderer” as Dr. Conrad Murray and his attorneys were ushered into the Los Angeles courtroom to begin criminal proceedings for manslaughter Tuesday.

Supporters of Jackson descended upon the courthouse steps to be present as opening statements were presented to the jury. Key Jackson family members, Joseph, Katherine, LaToya, Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine, Randy and Tito looked on tearfully as opening statements was presented to the jury.

While the family offered a strong African-American representation yesterday, the majority of fans who toted signs reading, “We Are MJ’s Voice Now! We Want Justice!” weren’t black. Is the African-American community, which hails Jackson as the King, even interested in the trial? Criminologist Alex Alonso thinks so.


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“This is going to be the most watched trial since O.J. Simpson,” Alonso said. “Michael Jackson has such a fan following that people want to know how he died and see anyone responsible brought to justice.”

That fact is one that has many fans in the community cognizant of the trial itself, and while there was a lack of African-American presence at the courthouse itself, many in the community are still following the case through social media, and radio, and were still able to weigh in on impact of Jackson’s death and attempt to bring someone responsible to justice.

“Everyone is looking for a scapegoat. They’re looking for an explanation for why Michael died at such a young age, and whether or not it was justifiable,” Alonso added. “Drugs, drug dealing, and drug overdose has had a significant impact on the black community in the last 40 years and rarely is the drug pusher prosecuted when the drug user overdoses. But in essence, that is what we have here. Dr. Conrad Murray, the drug pusher, is on trial for the death of Jackson, the user.”

In the midst of Jackson supporters, Murray had his own group of supporters present, still not enough to sway the court of public opinion in the African-American community as the trial gets underway. Talk of the trial was heavy conversation during happy hour at Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey Tuesday evening. Fans of Michael Jackson weighed in on the impact the trial and their feelings of loss, and their thoughts on Jackson being a victim of murder.

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  • nope. I dont care about a druggie!

    • secret ninja

      he wasn’t a druggie.

  • The Comment

    OMG!!! Did anyone hear the audio of MJ where he sounds VERY sedated? I cried! If you appreciate music and you know what this man did for music globally…’ll cry too.

  • entro

    Why should Black America care ? Michael didnt want to be black he left us a long time ago. Did you see his face ? Im sure youve seen his children. Poor Michael was crazy and he needed a great deal of help. I believe he had given himself over to what he thought he should be and what the entertainment industry (including his fans) wanted him to look like, sound like and think like. The poor man lost his mind a long time ago, with nobody to tell him to check himself. He was the emperor with no clothes, no friends, hated his family, just a lot of sycophants. God Rest and Bless his soul

    • secret ninja

      you obviously know nothing about Mike. i won’t do the work for you, do some research from a credible source before posting wild accusations and assumptions from faulty reasoning online.

  • entro

    No Ninja you dont have to do anything for me because you refuse to look at the obvious and you want to make excuses for Michael. As far as wild accusations go Im not the first and wont be the last to say what Ive said about Michael. As far as the comment about faulty reasoning I think you are in complete denial and sychophant-itis.
    but thats ok, i understand