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While on a fervent publicity tour for long-awaited new album, The R.E.D. Album, the California rapper, Game, gave off-the-cuff health advice to the popular hip-hop video site Vlad TV, issuing a public service announcement about what he claims are “many gay rappers in the game.” On the surface, Game expresses his heartfelt concern for the seemingly rise in gay bullying instances, saying that gays should have an easier time in regards to their lifestyle choice. But as fast as he took that noble stance, he took an equally damaging one, blaming men who are bi-sexual or closeted for the spread of HIV, basically, the reason women can’t trust any man, homosexual or not.

Game makes his remark at the 1:21 into the video

Game’s call for gay rappers to come out of the closet in hopes that this revelatory action will help reduce the cases of HIV isn’t just passive homophobia but forces men further into the closet by placing an undeserved burden on their shoulders. Even though Game’s stance is not unpopular, this archaic view — that closeted homosexuals are the exclusive reason why the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to ravage the black community — slowly chips away at any hope that a compassionate, fact-based conversation will arise concerning the myriad of reasons why blacks disproportionally lead the nation in new HIV cases.

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