Are weed-smokers really skinnier?

That is the question that is up for debate after a new study shows that people who smoke weed carry less body fat than those who don’t.

Using data from two epidemiologic studies of U.S. adults, researchers found that between 22% to 25% of participants who didn’t smoke pot were obese. But only between 14% and 17% of those people who admitted to taking a toke at least three times a week were overweight.


So, apparently, some weed-smokers are less likely to obese than non-smokers. Still, researchers say they do not want the study’s findings to become a blueprint for those looking to shed a few pounds. Dr. Yann Le Strat, co-author of the study cautioned:

“The take-home message is certainly not ‘smoke cannabis, it will help you lose weight. The possibility that cannabis is associated with a lower risk of obesity remains an interesting hypothesis, but certainly does not counterbalance its negative effects on health and mental health.”

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