While it’s not exactly new news, that Martin Luther King Jr. had extramarital affairs, this week another critic of his personal life has joined the fray.

This time, the voice taking aim at MLK’s character is America’s beloved icon Jacqueline Kennedy. In a new book looking at the former First Lady’s life, JFK aide Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.’s interviews with Jackie O show she was less than impressed with MLK’s humor and handling of his personal life.

The New York Daily News reports:

Kennedy, in one of seven Q&A sessions with former JFK aide Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., said King had mocked her slain husband’s funeral Mass and its celebrant, Cardinal Richard Cushing.

“He made fun of Cardinal Cushing and said he was drunk at it,” Kennedy recounted. “And things about they almost dropped the coffin. I just can’t see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, ‘That man’s terrible.'”

Kennedy’s negative impression of King was forged in part when she heard about FBI tapes that captured the married activist in a hotel room with another woman.

Her own philandering husband – whose extra-marital romps were yet unexposed – urged the First Lady not to judge King for his indiscretion, she recalled.

While many in the blogosphere have taken offense to Jackie O’s comments, they do not seem much unlike the criticism of MLK’s personal life voiced by many other historians and sisters in the past. Though we love to preserve our heroes, they too have flaws. In my opinion, criticism of an icon’s personal life does not talk away from the impact and reach of their work.

What do you think of Jackie O’s comments on MLK? Offensive or just the truth Clutchettes and gents?

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  • smm

    @ Socially, in regards to both your comments…you ain’t never lied.


  • Joan

    LOL @ JustSayin.

    MLK was flawed, but so was Jackie Kennedy. What she has to say about MLK is nothing compared to what others have said about her. I will always admire Jackie Kennedy’s style, but she was the ultimate gold digger. Even Onassis complained about her spending. LOL. Not trying to hate on her, but it’s true. If Michelle Obama did the same things that Jackie did under similar circumstances, we would never hear the end of how much of a gold digger Michelle was. I’ve always felt that because of how Jackie won the public over with her image, she was given some sort of pass…like it was okay for HER to be a gold digger. “She needed protection so she HAD to marry the guy who owned an island.” Please. Spare no expense to protect the white woman. And don’t say anything about the white woman’s overspending because she deserves it. And last but not least, believe everything she says in interviews. Take it all as fact.

  • Girl

    if indeed he made those jokes about her husband’s funeral, a man she watched die in her arms..she had every rght to be mad at him. why would anyone be surprised by her anger/annoyance wiith the man?

  • Truth

    Cast out the woman from thine own husband’s bed before you cast out the woman from another’s.

  • andre

    mlk martyred himself so the civil rights movement would gain strength and fruition. did screw around? yes…unkool granted but i look at the bigger picture…he knew in order to see civil rights manifested he had to die and willing chose to do so. he could have avoided being killed. as a sistas role in civil rights….let me sum it up with this lil diddy”beside every great man is a great woman”. f8ck jackie o. when are gonna stop letting white folks plant seeds of dissention and we cultivate it?