While Fashion Week is known as a celebration of glamour, for Corrine Bailey Rae there was a moment of reflection among the glitz of it all. The singer was at the tents during the ten-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks and took a moment to speak on the loss while sitting front row of a New York Fashion Week show for Edun.

“I think that it’s very sobering being here today and I have a lot of empathy with people who lost family and lost partners in that tragedy…A huge part of being human is losing people; for these people who lost someone it’s especially more painful because it didn’t need to happen. I was thinking about that today, `How does that complicate their grief?'”

Rae married her husband two days before the attacks and lost him to a drug overdose seven years later. While she has remained discrete about dealing with his passing, the Grammy-nominated artist has written and sung about it in her recent sophomore album, The Sea. Giving words of encouragement to the victims of September 11th, Rae said:

“I hope that the way in which they lost people hasn’t stopped them from processing what’s happened and moving forward and having new things develop in their lives.”

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