Hip Hop legend KRS One has found himself embroiled in more controversy behind his “underground viewpoint” and outspoken nature.  This latest incident involves the video for the track “Real Terrorism.” The rather graphic video for the politically charged song (featuring new artist Greenie) has become one of the few music videos to be banned from YouTube. Evidently, its explicit wartime imagery was declared “too shocking” for viewers.

There’s no coincidence that this ban occurred during a very vulnerable time for many Americans. The 10-year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th mark a period of mourning and reflection for many in the US where criticism of American policies may even be considered sign of disrespect. Regardless, rapper Greenie explains:

“The song tells the TRUTH about the United States, its massacres, and the terrorist acts our government has committed around the world. The photos used in the video are just actual historic records and are important educational materials for all to see. I am shocked that YouTube allows silliness, sex, and pop rap –but not this important material.”

This isn’t the first time the “Teacha’s” uninhibited speech have hit a nerve. KRS triggered a wave of controversy when we was quoted as saying “we cheered when 9/11 happened” during a panel discussion hosted by The New Yorker in 2004. Clarifying his statement via AllHipHop.com, KRS said:

“I was asked about why Hip Hop has not engaged the current situation more (meaning 9/11), my response was “because it does not affect us, or at least we don’t perceive that it affects us, 9/11 happened to them… I am speaking for the culture now; I am not speaking my personal opinion.” I continued to say; “9/11 affected them down the block; the rich, the powerful those that are oppressing us as a culture. Sony, RCA or BMG, Universal, the radio stations, Clear Channel, Viacom with BET and MTV, those are our oppressors, those are the people that we’re trying to overcome in Hip Hop everyday, this is a daily thing. We cheered when 9/11 happened in New York and say that proudly here. Because when we were down at the Trade Center we were getting hit over the head by cops, told that we can’t come in this building, hustled down to the train station because of the way we dressed and talked, and so on, we were racially profiled. So, when the planes hit the building we were like, “mmmm, justice.” And just as I began to say, “Now of course a lot of our friends and family were lost there as well” I was interrupted…

“Real Terrorism”, the video YouTube deemed unfit for their audience, can still be viewed by way of Vimeo.

Krs-One and Greenie “Real Terrorism” Shocking Video from Krs-Greenie Album on Vimeo.

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  • terrell m

    and for the people thats getting it confused.. hes not going at the american people.. he’s going hard at the us government.. how they blind the masses with false information. hidden behind trustful smiles and well written prepaired speeches. how politicians tell you what you want to hear until they get elected. he’s speaking on the skeletons the most congressman and senators have buried deep in their closets..

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  • whaddayaknow

    Someone put it back on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_eeOzAjFZ4

  • Pat

    For all you haters out there who are brainwashed into thinking this is not a corrupt, abusive country, the US has consitently had the audacity to think it rules the world, that it can start wars, that it can hunt down leaders in other countries, and that it can basically do whatever the hell it wants. Any goodness coming out of this country-and there are ALWAYS strings attached anytime this country “helps” other countries-does not mean we should be ignorant and complacent about it’s flaws…it is nothing better than a dicatatorship that focuses more on controlling the world than taking care of its own citizens and in fact, it repeatedly puts every one of US in danger with its warmonger mentality…This ROCKS, he is RIGHT ON and having known him for years…he is a brilliant visionary who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and he is absolutely on target and should be applauded for daring to say what most of us won’t (and really – how much freedom do you REALLY think you have when most are too afraid to voice their opinion for fear of Big Brother retribution) …

  • Lynn tryst

    Hum mmm krs may be getting too much credit here
    He says a couple of lines in the chorus over and over that someone handedchim on a paper
    The song is greenie’s