I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain about what really could have been a cute song and video, had the refrain not been “That p*ssy done changed.” Really, Lloyd?

There are a lot of creative ways to say ‘my old lady done changed’ without being this vulgar, even if the singer wanted to specifically make reference to a sexual change. And while songs about cheating tend to express emotions and behaviors that we wouldn’t endorse under normal circumstances (i.e. “I’ll bust your windows out your car”), I can’t get with this dude talking about “I’m about to kill this b*tch”. This isn’t hardly Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You”, which managed to be innocent and profane all at the same time. Yet the vintage sound and imagery could have given Lloyd a big single in the wake of Mr. Green’s hit. Can’t see that happening with this language.

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  • Don’t make Wayne Brady have to smack a b****. Lmao. I couldn’t get past the first part. Whenever I see Wayne Brady I automatically think Chappelle Show.

  • B

    Whatever. Homeboy needs to grow a pair, singing in a voice as high-pitched as 10yr old boy. How old is dude, again? Like 25 yrs old, right? Seriously. Tired of these nerdy-couldn’t-get-a-woman-without-a-record-contract boys making lame a$$ songs degrading women cause probably nobody ever wanted their socially-awkward a$$es until they had some cash. I mean, am I the only one who feels that we’ve have some sort of twisted revenge of the nerds take over among the black male celebs? Lol. Look at this dude, he joins a long list of currently famous black male nerds in the music industry: Kanye, Kid Cudi, Cee-lo, even Lil Wayne. These dudes have put a whole other spin on “nerd.” (Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it became cool finally to be nerdy and different amongst black folks – google Donald Glover’s standup on the rise of black nerds – but this ish right here has to stop). What happened to the times when nerds were sweet and kind of innocent (maybe, lol) and respectful? :) Okay, end tangent. Sigh.

    • Rest.

      I feel you B. I like Donald Glover alot from his music to his acting to his writing skills. I’m glad to see people with actual talent not just street cred make it in the music industry. Kanye in the early College Dropout days was at his prime to me. Now with Watch the Throne he is just lost on me with the constant bragging and wasteful spending.
      I just don’t get it. I’m not knocking anyones hustle. Not everybody knows about getting shot or selling drugs. Some of us are tired of hearing that mess. However pretending to be something you have never been like a womanizer is never cool. I’m kinda meh on the concept because I’ve seen several black artists embrace the retro style this year. The radio edit won’t be as bad, if you like the song despite the use of “pussy”. I just don’t care, Lloyd isn’t my cup of tea. I really just clicked this for Andre 3000…

  • LemonNLime

    The only thing decent about this video is the cat…and he would be cuter if he shut up.