Can I tell you how much I love this “lost” excuse when it comes to cell phones, laptops, cameras and another device used to reveal celebrity scandals? I guard my cell phone with my life simply to avoid paying the $140 insurance on it and if you did catch me out there bad, you’d just discover that I take too many pictures of my cat and misspelled signs. So I can only IMAGINE the lengths I’d go to protect it if it had some seriously damning information! Thus, when someone who has much to gain from “losing” their cell or comp, I don’t buy it.

Case in point number 480: a 23-year-old model by the name of Christina Elizabeth “lost” her phone. And by some turn of bad luck, it was discovered by someone who saw the value in sharing the contents of said device with Bossip. So now there are screenshots of alleged conversations between her and producer/artist Swizz Beatz AKA Alicia Keys’ husband. Ouch.

We all know that amazing things can be done with Photoshop but erm…this don’t look good for Mashonda’s ex. Speaking of, you know many folks took to their social media outlets to send Alicia Keys a big “you get it how you lost it, girl!” I don’t profess to know what really went down with either relationship, so I just wish all innocent parties the best and all guilty parties the opportunity to fix their karma, be that a cheater, a person who participated in the cheating or someone who fabricated a story for a check.

Anyway…if you lost your phone, would the contents of your BBMS, chats and texts get you in trouble if they were made available to friends, boos and employers? ¬†Could you live it down or would you have to leave town? Tell the truth and shame the devil, Clutch fam.

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