Days after the gruesome warning for social network users, and a growing number dead bodies strewn about the nation, this Tuesday, Mexican police found a sack containing five severed heads outside an elementary school in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco.

And if that isn’t tragic enough here comes the follow up: The grisly discovery occurred after drug gangs threatened to attack school teachers if they denied them a cut of their salary. The Daily Mail reports that the cartels’ extortion demands have already forced nearly 130 schools in the city to close early this month – once parents and staff decided it was no longer safe for all parties involved to commence with the school year.

At the start of the fall term, dozens of teachers in Acapulco claimed that if they didn’t provide drug gangs with HALF of their salary, their lives would be in mortal danger. With school staff and administration refusing to go to work, many schools have been left empty and padlocked for weeks now.

Since that time, The Daily Mail also states that many school officials have been on strike, and taken to protesting in the streets. In response to this appalling state of affairs, Guerrero State Governor Aguirre has promised a series of measures, including increased police patrols and the installation of security cameras and panic buttons in schools, but as the report reveals, teachers say they still fear for their own and pupils’ safety.

According to the murderous gangsters themselves, the heads in a bag were a response to the governor’s series of measures. The police on the scene said the heads were positioned next to a letter sarcastically ‘thanking’ Aguirre for continuing “this war”, while serving to provide am additional threat to 3 other drug traffickers.


No report on exactly who the 5 heads belong to, however, some of the matching headless corpses found nearby were so charred it, took some time to determine that they were male.

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