Does fashion matter? Well if you’re Michelle Obama- it certainly does. And with the eyes of the country on President Obama last night, the woman by his side made a subtle choice to let those in Congress know her husband’s re-election campaign will be a force.

Though many may not have noticed, Michelle Obama appeared at last night’s join session of congress wearing a familiar purple shift dress. It is the same Mario Pinto dress Mrs. Obama wore the night then Senator Obama solidified his lead against Hilary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic Primaries. Besides its political significance, that night was also remembered for another newsworthy event: the “fist-bump” heard around the world.

For those who do not fully remember that moment or just want to relive the awesomeness of it, here is the clip of that night in St. Paul, Minnesota.

While many may shrug off the First Lady’s wardrobe choices as irrelevant, there’s no convincing this writer that it wasn’t. Michelle Obama is the object of fashion observers everywhere and each repeated pick is obsessed over and praised. Wearing the purple victory shift cinched by a black-knotted belt, the woman of the White House made sure that when the Commander-in-Chief looked up to the balcony, he’d see his wife in the dress she’d worn the night he defied the odds.  As her husband pitched a $447 billion dollar jobs proposal to Congress, the First Lady seemed to be quietly speaking to the pollsters, opposition and naysayers as well.

After all, in the nights before St. Paul, few people thought Michelle Obama’s husband could win the White House. In her stunning purple the First Lady’s message seemed to be, “Watch him do it again.”

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