Missoni for Target, the long awaited collaboration between the legendary Italian fashion house and the nation’s second-largest/first-hippest big box store, made its online debut Tuesday. Folks everywhere logged in for steals on clothes, accessories, bikes and housewares in chic, bold retro-style patterns, causing the Target site to crash multiple times throughout the day.

In a statement, the Minnesota-based retailer said “Target.com is seeing greater item demand than we do on a typical Black Friday, and the excitement for this limited-time designer collection is unprecedented. We are slowly bringing the site back online to ensure we can provide a positive shopping experience to our guests.”

Shoppers packed physical stores across the country to scoop up Missoni deals as well. According to CNN, a scarf from the label can typically run you about $200; the Target line is priced between $3 and $600 (the most expensive items are furniture pieces) and the average piece runs about $40.

Did you cop some Missoni for Target? Planning to? What caught your eye?

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  • Jmichelle

    @lulu actually… Buying helps to stimulate the economy, they want us to buy so that we can get ourselves out of this recession that’s why interest rates on savings accounts are so low- they don’t want us to save.

    Anyway I save plenty so I’m in a position to spend if I see something I like. Unfortunately people ruined the experience. Everything I wanted was sold out. People bought multiples to sell on eBay for profit. Not a single item in target stores tonight but 50,000 on eBay smh.

    • cheeky

      exactly jmichelle! a retail frenzy, especially at a store like target is a win for the economy. however if people are choosing to purchase missoni sweaters instead of paying mortgage, that’s a problem. but it’s not something you can fault target for. that’s on the individuals making poor choices.

      i was able to snag a shorts romper from online. hopefully it doesn’t look like a total mess on me. otherwise guess i’ll be putting it on ebay too!

  • jane

    i arrived at 8am got one of everything and realized I had 40 bucks to spend. As I placed items to the side that i couldn’t afford/nor needed, about 10 pple were grabbing for them. I’m glad i made someone elses day. When you think about it, its just made in china, so just more target junk.

  • why was it long awaited? the stuff in the picture is ugly as sin.