There will always be a reason to complain.

There will always be those creases that won’t lie down flat. Those people who are out to do you wrong, those situations where you can’t win. There will always be these things because this is life and without these things there’d be no conflict in our stories.

And I’ve been tempted to give into those reasons now more and more. As the days get shorter and tempers do too, it’s easy to run out of patience for the universe to do its thing. I mean how long can we sit and wait on karma to manifested on those who’ve hurt us? How long can we sit in hope’s waiting room praying that our time our moment will finally come?

When you’ve been doing it for a while, you can put it in perspective. You can say the wait is just a set up for something better. But what happens in that period of doubt? When it slowly begins to creep up on you that you might have been sitting all that time for nothing. When your head fills with questions, “Am I doing what I should be?” “Do I even belong where I am dreaming?” “What could I have done differently on my way here?”

The truth is every time we go to utter a complaint we should think about an old saying I once heard my aunt say: If you can tell it, be grateful for it.

There are very few things that knock us on our back and leave us unable to speak. While life can throw us for a loop, we often don’t realize our very ability to complain is proof that we’re not done yet. Instead of settling for bemoaning our situation, it’s time we tap into the strength it took us to get this far. After all, if we can tell it, it means we’re still here, still able to accomplish even more than we have thus far.

Today, remember to be grateful for the experiences of the past. Instead of complaining be filled with praise and let the words from your mouth speak into your future.

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