I remember being younger and having to fly between my family in Jamaica and my family at home. The thing I looked for the minute my mother would let me hold my boarding pass were the letters “MIA.” If I saw that on the ticket, I knew that it would be a fun trip home, whichever direction we were headed.

Leaving Kingston behind, I would rest my head on my pillow being careful not to make too much of a dent. Before I knew it I’d be there in an airport where checking in all over again would mean another gate to play in. The souvenir shops were my favorite. They were always chock full of things my mother knew I did not need. Still, that never stopped her daughter from holding up everything from Celine Dion albums to “My friends went to Miami and all they got me was this stupid” keychains, shirts and tote bags. Because half of the fun was saying “Pleaseee” and watching her face as I did it.

When I went back my sophomore year of college, I saw the same “MIA” on my ticket, but this time was not as pleased. My layover was 6 hours not, the 2 I had thought and I was stuck without much to do other than pray for wireless and sleep. For some reason those hours felts like whole days as I went through the list of things waiting for me to attend to. It was nothing like being a little girl with a plastic carry on.

It’s crazy to think how much has changed since then. Sure there is more to do, more waiting on me when I get home and it’s the same for all of us. My friends and I seem to have a never-ending list of things to be done. A checklist that’s never fully filled in. Sometimes I think that list is so overwhelming that we are always going through it and trying to fit one of our many tasks into the space we have between.

Sometimes the best thing we can do with the space in between is let it be. Though we all think about what we could be doing, there is always the destination. What is between can be simply peace. And as unsettling as that seems, sometimes enjoying the layover is what we need to do.

Today, choose to use your layover for reflection and be confident your journey is taking you to the right destination ahead.

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