While performing Tuesday night in Miami with Talib Kweli, Mos Def had a few words for the mainstream media: Call Troy Davis’ mama!

Many rallied to save Davis’ life; however, he was executed last week in Georgia despite mountains of doubt. Mos Def, who has always been outspoken about politics and social issues, took some time between Black Star songs to remind the crowd that Troy Davis’ did not die in vain. He also implored the folks over at BET to honor Davis and his family during the BET Awards which will take place this weekend in Atlanta.

Mos Def told the crowd:

“The BET Awards are happenin’ in Atlanta, Georgia, apparently this weekend on Saturday, right?,” he said. “I’m making a strong, serious recommendation and suggestion. 

“In the interest of humanity and the rights of human beings all over God’s spaceship, Earth. If you are doing or hosting this event in Atlanta, Georgia, right after this young man, Troy Davis, was brutally murdered, in public for the whole world to see, you should definitely dedicate one part of your show. 

“If it’s the opening, the beginning, the middle, or the end … Bring his mama out there, show her your support and show her some words of comfort and encouragement. 

“This is not the moment for your silence, BET! Or anybody else! And that goes to every peep from Oprah to Obama: When you get a free moment, call Troy Davis mama!” 

Although I agree BET should have been more active during Troy Davis’ case (and when other political issues arise), calling Davis’ mother is impossible. She passed away May 4, 2010, shortly after the Supreme Court rejected Davis’ appeal.

What do you think, should BET honor Troy Davis and his family during its upcoming awards show? 

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