It seems like Trey Songz is channeling his inner Chris Brown and making the switch to rapping. I guess being a R&B dude wasn’t “hard” enough for Trigga?

In his new song, “Whoever Else” Trey has a few words for the haters…he just don’t give a f*ck.

How original.

I know what I think about the track, Clutchettes, but what about you? Love it or leave it alone?

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  • i wonder is authentic male r&b artistry marketeable anymore or are the current male r&b stars too scared to try?

    anyways, trey was a rapper before he was a singer. but whatever rocks your boat. i love his music but i don’t care about what you don’t give a —- about and why are all these cats so consumed in telling people how they’re peeing and shit–g on the world?

  • Tiffso


  • Okay I am like where have ya’ll been Trey been nuts it’s just nobody rode

    • African Mami

      @ JMT

      watchutalkinbout, I’ve been riding since day 1! Now see, my only problem with Trigga Trey is dat ummm he only making it drizzle and he’s yet to retire me like his momma……but yeah that’s ma boo right thurrrrrrr!

  • Wayne

    I’m a dude and I’m. A huge Trey songz fan people think it’s weird but if you listen to all the albums and mixtapes you’ll truly see how great of an artist he is! November 1st 2 mixtapes legggo