After a slight scuffle over scheduling, the White House has settled on a date for President Obama’s much anticipated jobs speech.

Originally planned for Wednesday, the same date as the GOP debate, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the speech was moved in order to be sure that the President could deliver the address with both parties of fully in attendance. But now that he has center stage, some say the President may become the ire of more than just Republicans but football fans as well.

Brian Steinburg of AdAge writes:

The White House has scheduled the speech to take place sometime between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. and NBC was, as far as we could tell at press time, figuring out whether it will televise the usual pre-game hoopla. An NBC Sports spokesman did not return queries, but an NFL spokesman said, “We’re preparing for the game and a big night at Lambeau Field and in Green Bay.”

Marketers would probably prefer the football. The speech will be televised across umpteen different channels, commercial free. And football — well, it’s football. Already, the general manager of NBC’s Green Bay affiliate told the Post-Crescent newspaper of Appleton, Wis., that he’d pick up a feed of the game over a feed of the president if NBC were to offer both.

While logical thinkers know that a plan to get Americans back to work is more important than football, the NFL season opener after a long lockout drought will probably have more than a few fans anxious for their network to get back to the game.  Perhaps its why the White House team has been assuring the public that the President will give his speech and be off the screen before kickoff.  White House spokesman Jay Carney said:

“I can assure all you football fans that he will be completed before kickoff…It means he will have the opportunity to watch the game, like millions of other Americans.”

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