Even R. Kelly couldn’t have thought this up.

A bar in Canada is coming under fire from patrons who are offended over the state of the establishments urinals. No, this is not a sanitary issue- more a sensitivity one. See as it turns out someone thought installing urinals in the men’s bathroom in the liking of a woman’s mouth with red lipstick would be a nice touch.

According to iNews880:

A formal complaint has been filed by the Public Safety and Compliance Team against “O2’s Taphouse and Grill.” There have been some questions surrounding their urinals, which some people say, are shaped like women’s lips at their west end location.

While some have said that the urinals are sexist, O2’s management doesn’t seem to think so. In a letter responding to offended patrons, Neal Seifeddine, one of the bars owners writes:

Opinion is always based on past experiences, there for perspectives are different. When my business partner first saw the urinals he thought it was the Rolling Stones lips. I heard someone on face book thinks it looks like the Dairy Queen Lips. I really didn’t think they where women’s lips at all. I probably thought the same thing as the people who designed it; that it would be funny to make a urinal in the shape of a mouth, girl or guy. My point is that there are so many different perspectives one can take in this issue. When I first seen this urinal, I thought this is funny.


What do you think of the urinals- are they offensive or just plain silly? Let’s discuss Clutchettes and gents!

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