The death toll is rising in Kenya after a major fire near one of the country’s pipeline depot.  The full extend of the damage remains unknown, but the number of those killed by the fire or injured because of it has been steadily growing as news reports pour out the country every hour.

The fire occurred along the Lunga Lunga road in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. The pipeline is approximately one kilometer and runs through the Sinai slum. Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who visited the site, said the true tragedy was that it could have been avoided.

“Its unfair for people to die like this.”

While the Nairobi City Council firefighters were doing their bet to fight the blaze, word is they have reached out to private firm to help as well.

President Mwai Kibaki visited patients with severe burns at the country’s largest public hospital.

Police said some of the residents of the slum were killed while trying to scoop up the fuel from the burst pipe and from the sewer.

“The scene is bad, there is a large number of people burnt to death,” Owino said.

“There are many bodies, we are yet to count them. Sometimes poverty can push you to do very dangerous things.” 


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