Recently, a Natural Hair Sorority called Pi Nappa Kappa emerged with a mission to “To educate, inspire and uplift natural hair women, men, boys and girls throughout the entire world. To make the word “nappy” into a “happy” and celebrated term.”

Founded in 2010, the sororities’ Facebook page is where the group’s interactions primarily take place. Women are given their line numbers by order in which they became a fan of their Facebook page as well as an online Pledge of Honor.

I’m sure the sorority means no disrespect to official Greek life and initiation but doing everything via Facebook takes away from the experience of pledging in my opinion.

I respect the fact that the sorority is trying to bring natural-haired women together but the way they are going about it is like a mockery.

Is it really the answer to bring Greek life to areas of culture and hair?

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  • Demi

    Harmless and fun. Get your f-n heads out of your arses & just allow people for a change. You’ll be so much happier for it.

    Let go & let your joy flow. Tired of you bishes hating!

  • Patrice

    I love it! Let the haters, hate! They’re gonna do that anyway. But it’s “high time” the NATURAL and pure essence of black beauty gets receognized in a apositive light. YAAAAAAY! I’m in the building. I better not see a Pi Nappa Kappa t-shirt, nowhere. I’m gonna buy the store out and just start handing em out to my natural chicks. Let’s get it!

    Here’s a post I put on a site that was bashing Pi Nappa Kappa……

    “Then I read your post! I think it is GREAT that our people are going natural. I think it is a celebration of our true ROOTS. We no longer have to perm, burn, flat iron, press, weave-up, etc our hair to make it look silky and/or straight like other races just because we’ve been taught that was beautiful. We can rock fros, braids, coils, twists, locks and whatever the HECK we want now, & it is accepted and beautiful. Instead of conforming….we have stood up for the individuality of our race. Younger black girls/women can now be prouder of their kinky hair. They dont have to say, “Mama…why isnt my hair long, straight, silky and down my back like hers.” I was that dark skinned, kinky, thick, poofy haired little girl. There was a mixed girl in my 2nd grade class with long, beautiful, silky hair. Since I didn’t look like her, I thought I was ugly. Since I didnt look like the magazines and whatever this European standard of beauty is, I *again* thought I was ugly. But now America is putting us (natural, fro’ed out, dread-head, kinky locked) women on magazines, in commercials, in videos, in movies….So, I think it’s a step in the right direction for being proud of your heritage. If you dont like it, dont join. Damn! Blk ppl find the stupidest, most superficial stuff to complain about. I guess making a Black History month, a NAACP, a Black National Caucus & whatever else was TOO FAR too. Get a damn life! Google how to get some grants, create some jobs, fix the economy. Bullying, suicide, low self-esteem, poor self-image and body-image depression are RUNNING RAMPANT! anything that is geared towards making someone feel positive about their TRUE self… needed. Check the damn suicide rates.”

  • I’m tired of us people of color always trying
    to “own” something negative. Why cant people
    be creative enough to just make something
    positive and fresh!.

    • Jaywan

      Ditto. The only way we can keep our heads above water is if we stop pouring buckets over one another. Let’s go Pi Nappa Kappa! Sidebar: Greek Life is a bit of a contradiction anyway, none of us came from Greece. Who’s mocking who?

  • who cares about “Greek” life?

  • Misty Knight

    Wait *rubs temples* soo a non-greek facebook sorority, not behaving like a greek sorority..actually makes a mockery of greek sororities….by not imitating it’s customs?
    *Sigh* I respect black greek fraternities, and sororities, really I do. I understand the bonds it forms, and the community it provides and what not. But it’s a facebook page! this consummate “Ihaveastickinmyanusits” rabid devotion and defensiveness that makes me not fux with a lot of you all like that. I swear you act like less violent bangers when you feel your “set”i s being disrespected, and yes it looks just as dumb.
    Were y’all this heated when Hitz From The Streetz had “Moo Phi Moo”?