A last ditch effort to spare the life of Troy Davis has been thwarted. A breaking AP news report states that Georgia prison officials have blocked the condemned man from taking a polygraph test before his scheduled execution, despite the fact that he is scheduled to be executed by the government this evening at 7pm.

Troy Davis and his supporters, who’ve adamantly declared his innocence in the killing of Mark MacPhail, have tirelessly fought to prove it for the past 22 years. Attorney Stephen Marsh said he had hoped that this polygraph test would convince the state pardons board to reconsider the inmate’s fate. This may have been Davis’ last chance.

After years of relentless pursuit of truth and freedom, including the denial of his last-minute clemency request earlier this week, Davis is forced to accept his fate. In spite of it all, one advocate who met with the condemned man late Tuesday said he appeared upbeat, prayerful and expected last minute wrangling by attorneys. With less than a day to live, AP claims that Davis turned down his last meal, opting to spend his final moments of life with friends, family and supporters.

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