The issue of Barack Obama’s approval among African Americans may be up for debate, but one thing is certain: The President will appear on BET (and Centric) to exclusively address our community in A BET News Exclusive: The President Answers Black America.

This Monday, September 26th, the one-on-one interview with former KTLA anchor Emmett Miller will focus on some of the community’s most pressing concerns, namely, the dire unemployment rate.

“We are thrilled to be the platform where the president will exclusively address our community,” said Loretha Jones, President of Original Programming at BET Networks.  “This conversation is particularly important given the impact the economic environment is having on African-Americans.”

Gearing up for 2012, Obama promises to discuss what lies ahead on the road to re-election, and will answer one reader-submitted question on-air relating to “how and when recovery will come to the African-American community.”


The President Answers Black America will air on Monday, Sept. 26, at 7:30. For more info, or to submit your question (Sept 23 – no later than 11am Eastern time), click AskObama.


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  • Pink

    JC: Rushed???? What execution ru referring to? Correct me if I’m wrong….but I thought this was going on for 20 years, and that he was up from execution 2 times before this. For the record: I’m not condoning executions….I just don’t get where your “Rushed” comment is comming from

  • Pink

    JC: Plus…I know about voting, and the high unemployment rate in the black community….but not everything is a conspiracy

  • melissa

    Hilarious he chose BET, like all blacks watch BET…Why could it not have been mainstream media, like an MSNBC especially since Al Sharpton is up there now. So all the white folks will turn to a black station (almost used “news”) they probably do not even know what channel it is on..smh, He’s turned out to be a major disappointment, I like Michelle though…

  • Dorsey

    Oh, now he wants to HOLLA at black people?

    I thought we weren’t Gay/Green/Illegal/feminist enough there, Capt. ZERO.

    Last time you paid us a visit you DISSED THE LIVING HOW OUT OF BLACK FATHERS 3 YEARS IN A ROW, playing to that Feminist NONSENSE. I’ll NEVER forgive you.

    Keep it moving bruh. I’m not staying home, Oh no,

    I’m voting Republican cause you one-trick pony Democrats are gonna pay for that, possibly the rest of my life, believe it!!!

    We see you now Democrats!!!

  • Whatever

    I am so over Obama. The last time he “addresed the black community” he sounded like an Al Sharpton knock off. all of a sudden the Hawaiian raised, Columbia and Harvard grad was a baptist preacher from the deep south… No Thanks! it reminded me of when the Connecticut raised Bush wore that stupid cowboy hat duri?!ng his campaign trail.

    Obama chose not to make his race a big issue during his campaign until he was forced to during the reverand Wright controversy, which is fine with me. However, every time he addresses the AA community it’s some condescending speech that sounds more like ot should be coming from Bill Cosby. Again NO Thanks! We don’t need a a special speech addressed to just us telling us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps…

    You are spending more money on war than education just like Bush. The economy is still deteriorating and unemployment is sky high. GET TO WORK!…. and BET?! SMDH