I think most of us who enjoy seeing the increase in Black women wearing natural hair appreciate the fact that the ‘movement’ makes women feel more confident with their natural-born features. It’s a win when are women less inclined to subject their hair to harsh chemicals and heat in order to be accepted by society or in seeking the approval of the male gaze. However, it seems that some folks are too happy to use the natural shift as yet another excuse to be divisive.

Atlanta-based promoter Joey Digital has announced that he is offering discounts to event patrons who have natural hair. After years of “expressing (his) utter disdain for weave”, he has decided to “put (his) money where his mouth is”, by lowering the price of  his Atlanta Classic and FAMU homecoming events for women who claim to have natural hair when purchasing their tickets. Digital also has an “Anti-Weave” section on his site, where he has links to natural hair blogs, products, etc.

As Keith Sweat once said, there’s a right and a wrong way to love someone. Digital (and other men who are vociferous about their distaste for weaves) would do better to separate their praise of natural hair from their dislike of synthetic tresses. The decision to go or stay natural cannot be about what men like, it needs to be about choosing what makes us feel our best and what’s best for us. What if the tables were turned? Having a discount for naturals may seem more noble, but what if Digital preferred straight hair and offered a special for girls with fresh blow outs and perms? Or if he specifically wanted to show love to women with curly hair? Is it different? I’m inclined to say no.

Am I being over sensitive? What do you think, Clutchettes?

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