Do you know exactly what you want to do with your life?

Do you love crafting or knitting? Have a knack for clothing design or planning events? Or do you love to write?

Throughout our lifetime we usually come across something we’re good at and something we really, really love to do. If we’re lucky (and if we pay attention), these two things are sometimes the same. But somewhere along the line–when we’re trying hard to be a grown up–we lose sight of those things and decide to be practical.

Recently I began reading the book, “How to Make A Living Without a Job” by Barbara J. Winter. In it, she speaks at length about being “joyfully jobless” and making money doing what you love most. Her words hit me directly in the heart, as I’ve been feeling extremely restless about my day job. Reading the book not only gives me motivation to continue to follow my dreams, but makes me ask myself: What am I waiting for?

But how about you Clutchettes and Gents…Whether it’s in your career or your personal life…are you doing what you love? 

Let’s talk about i! 

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