Yesterday, the homie @DrewShane sent me a link to a gossip site that allegedly had *proof* that Swizz Beats was cheating on his wife, Alicia Keys. The post, which included screen shots of the alleged would-be mistress’ BlackBerry Messenger chats (which I’m not entirely convinced they’re actually authentic), accusingly asked…”Isn’t He Married?!”

Predictably, many commenters immediately said that Swizz’s alleged infidelity was just karma biting Alica Keys in the ass. In case you missed it (how could you?), Alicia and Swizz hooked up when Mr. Showtime was still married to singer/songwriter Mashonda. Although Swizz and Keys said he was very much separated at the time, Mashonda blamed Keys for the break up and so did many blog readers, Twitter users, and girls around the way. Now, with this cheating scandal hanging over Alicia’s head, many are saying…welp…it’s just karma, baby!

But is it?

Does karma really come back to get you or is that just one of the lies we tell ourselves just to keep us warm at night while our ex-boo thang is out whoring with the next one?

I mean, if karma was real…wouldn’t white colonizers be upside down in this thing called life after hundreds of years raping and pillaging the underclass? Wouldn’t brown people be on top and Africa be a bastion of peace and prosperity?

Or on the local level, if karma was actually in existence wouldn’t that fool who broke your heart, left your money funny, and questioning your faith in love be super effed up in the game and damn near homeless by now? (ok, maybe not homeless, but you get my drift).

While I’d like to believe in karma, I’m not so sure this overwhelming righteous and vengeful force actually exists. Because if it did, many of us wouldn’t be acting such a fool today.

What do you think, Clutchettes…do you believe in karma?


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  • Angie

    I used to, but when you consider offenses on a grander scale such as slavery, halocaust, and colonialism, Karma’s a little late kicking in, wouldn’t you say? And even on a smaller scale, there have been some folks in my life that did me so wrong I had to spend time on a therapists couch and yet they walked away without a scratch. The idea of Karma brings comfort, but don’t rely on it.

  • I think this is less karma and more if a person has cheated in the past he’s likely to cheat again.

  • Karma? Nope. More like a case of leopards not changing their spots.

  • COCO

    I believe it is bigger than that. I believe that the lord needs to handle certain things for you and when he makes it right-it aint pretty for the other person.

  • Gam

    Karma, laughable. This case even shows that Karma is a useless concept. If it was really Karma, Alicia is supposed to be the one cheating. This case if true, only proves that a useless man will remain a useless man until he looks within and asks for help.