Many of us have bent over backwards, gone an extra 20 miles, and even gave up pieces of ourselves all because we were in love. Although “real” love should be unconditional, it seems like it comes with one major requirement: Hard work.

We’ve all heard stories of men and women who quit jobs, given up relationships with friends and family members, or moved across country all to be with the one they love. Sometimes it works out, but when it doesn’t, the person who has sacrificed so much for a relationship that ends up in shambles may walk away feeling gipped, or worse,¬†devastated.

Even though there are a myriad of things we WILL do for love, what won’t you do?¬†

Let’s talk about it!

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  • COCO

    I will NOT take a case for you.
    I will not go broke for you
    I will not relocate without an engagement in the works
    I will not comprimise my religion
    I willl not get fired for you ass
    I will not take drugs for your ass
    I will not cover up a black eye for your ass-EVA
    I will not loose ME over you or for you
    I will not get plastic surgery
    I will not demean or devalue me.PERIOD.
    Take that!

  • Amanda

    Stay celibate just because he doesn’t want sex, or move to a country I have no desire to live in.

  • Ha! We don’t have that kind of time! LOL I’m the retard that moved to ANOTHER country!

    Lesson’s learned, right?