Recently, I watched a teaser for the short film, The Code. In it, the narrator talks about all the things men go through to catch the eye and affection of women. In the film, the men work out incessantly, groom themselves to a tee, go bat shit crazy, and try out their best (or worst?) pick up lines all in the spirit of the pursuit.

Although many women deny pursuing men (I can hear it now, “Make the first move? Pshhh!”), most of us have been on the chasing end of a crush a time or two. Whether we took the schoolgirl crush route and left notes in his locker (or on his desk), or were bold about our feelings and busted out our best (and corniest)  pick up lines at the bar, pursuing a potential boo can be both scary and exciting.

But what happens when you’re the object of the pursuit? Many of us have stories to tell about overzealous men (or women) who couldn’t take no for an answer or whose approach wasn’t exactly Billy Dee smooth.

So Clutchettes and Gents, what’s the craziest thing someone did to get your attention? 


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  • hey

    I slipped my number to a waitress to give to a guy at a restaurant. He was a sweet gentleman to me earlier at the entrance but I was with my coworkers and wanted to keep it professional. We went on a very nice date soon after but it didn’t work out because I found out he was 20 years my senior!!! Our conversation was so confusing, lol! We couldn’t relate to each other at all! But he was a sweetheart about it and we just left it at that. Black don’t crack!

  • CaliDreaming86

    Usually guys will make strange noises from their car to get my attention.

  • TheBlackBelle

    I was at the bus stop and this guy kept trying to talk to me from his truck. I told him I had a man (lie) and that I was on the way to see him. Traffic was crazy that day and he kept riding around the block to see me. He actually parked his car, sat with me until the bus came, and told the bus driver to take care of his girlfriend! He ended up with my number…lol!

    • shadow

      That was soooo cute!

  • Eartha

    The craziest/funniest thing that a guy ever did was accidental. I was introducing myself to some people at a function when I realized they all new my name because of a relative of theirs. They greeted me with big smiles and handshakes. I didn’t even know he had given me any real thought. He seemed a little embarrased. It was the best compliment I ever recieved. It certainly got my attention.

  • Me27

    I was out at a club one night with my girl and this guy was staring at me from across the room. I mouthed hello to him and at the same time some random guy was walking past and assumed i was talking to him. LOL the random walked over to me and started talking, it was so akward. I had to figure out the best way to politely turn him down. After the random finally walked away, the other guy came over and asked how i let that other dude steal his hello.