Recently, I watched a teaser for the short film, The Code. In it, the narrator talks about all the things men go through to catch the eye and affection of women. In the film, the men work out incessantly, groom themselves to a tee, go bat shit crazy, and try out their best (or worst?) pick up lines all in the spirit of the pursuit.

Although many women deny pursuing men (I can hear it now, “Make the first move? Pshhh!”), most of us have been on the chasing end of a crush a time or two. Whether we took the schoolgirl crush route and left notes in his locker (or on his desk), or were bold about our feelings and busted out our best (and corniest)  pick up lines at the bar, pursuing a potential boo can be both scary and exciting.

But what happens when you’re the object of the pursuit? Many of us have stories to tell about overzealous men (or women) who couldn’t take no for an answer or whose approach wasn’t exactly Billy Dee smooth.

So Clutchettes and Gents, what’s the craziest thing someone did to get your attention? 


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