Labor day is on Monday and it marks the unofficial end of Summer. Soon our cut-off shorts, jumpsuits, and miniskirts will be replaced with wool sweaters, scarves, and knit hats.

(I had to play it…ya’ll…at least one more time.)

As we sit back and wonder what the hell happened to summer and how it managed to fly by so quickly, let’s take a little time to look back on some of our favorite moments of the summer. Was it a concert? A trip with your friends? The new boo you met at your family’s bar-b-que? Whatever the case may be, hopefully your summer was filled with fun, laughter, and good memories.

So Clutchettes and Gents….what is one of your favorite memories of summer? 

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  • CaliDreaming86

    None for me.

  • shadow

    I teach so EVERY memory between the last day of school and the beginning of school is a fave for me! I love my Kindergartner’s, but peace and quiet are my bff’s through and through! I enjoyed my get-a-way anniversary weekend with my hubby to Niagara Falls, loved it, loved it!

  • shadow

    Yeah, i just realized I spelled Kindergarten wrong, sorry, still trying to get the summer lazy brain to wake up ;)

  • Leanee Beanie

    My whole summer was one, big, great blur. It was the best Summer I’ve had in a while, too. Taking the kids to the movies, going to the museum, our family picnic, spending time with my sister, enjoying the sunshine, and all the other simple things that happened. I didn’t go on any trips, but it was still great. Last Winter was rough up here, and I was aching for Summer & enjoyed it just as I planned.