Over the weekend, while on the hunt for the perfect blouse, I met a guy at the mall (I know, how high school!). Although we didn’t spend much time chatting, I appreciated how he approached me–no yelling, no “Hey You!” from across the parking lot. Despite not being all the way my type physically, he smelled good, dressed nicely, and came off like a nice guy. Instead of brushing him off and telling him I had a man (or simply wasn’t interested), I gave him my (*ehem* Google Voice) number and kept it pushing.

The next day he sent me a “Good morning, lovely” text and told me he was very happy to meet me. After asking him why (I’m nosey like that), he proceeded to tell me he thought I was his type physically and he wanted to get to know me better. Hmmm…ok.

While I was still on the fence about dude (we had yet to TALK on the phone), he continued to send me text messages, each of which was punctuated with the words “honey,” “baby,” “lovely,” and “queen.” Although I don’t mind being called “hon” or something similar on occasion, constant references to relationship-esque verbiage rubbed me the wrong way. Moreover, he sent multiple text messages which included his work schedule, more references to the way I look, and promising I’d be “excited.”

After calling me–twice–even though I told him I was out, I started to think this dude could potentially be a bug-a-boo. Don’t get me wrong, I dig attentive dudes…but only when things feel natural. Something about this guy’s incessant need to text and call me and drop pet names just feels…off.

But am I buggin?

Clutchettes and Gents, what makes someone a bug-a-boo? What are the signs? 

Let’s talk about it! 

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  • No you aren’t bugging. I’ve been there and I guarantee you, if you take the leap and go out on a few dates with him, he’ll be difficult to get rid of once you’ve decided he, indeed, is not your type. I’ve dealt with incessant texter types who always felt compelled to text mundane foolishness several times a day and will call you at the most inopportune times even though you’ve TOLD THEM you’re out or unavailable to talk. I’d go ahead and politely block his number. :-s

  • sunshyne84

    Once you tell them they are doing too much and continue…

  • African Mami

    Signs of a bug-a-boo

    1.) psychotic way of thinking
    2.)psychotic behavior

    psycho in my book is defined as a person who knows very well what is normal but goes against common defining sense to be abnormal and scare the schmizzykiddzles out of me!!! NOW that’s a bug-a-boo!