Compton-bred rapper The Game recently chatted with DJ Vlad and had some interesting things to say about gay rappers in the industry.

For years, rumors have swirled around the hip-hop world that many of its top artists were in the closet, but to date, no mainstream rapper has come forward to say he or she is homosexual.

Despite many popular emcees hinting that there were gay rappers out there (and Miss Wendy constantly trying to out folks in the biz), no one has been outed thus far. However, The Game says homosexual rappers need to take their rightful place in hip-hop…outside of the closet.

During the interview, DJ Vlad asked The Game if he ever thought a gay rapper could ever reach Eminem status. The Game looked shocked, and proceeded to give his stance on homosexuality (he’s cool with it as long as they aren’t in the closet).

The Game explains:

I think there are several rappers that are in the closet and gay, and see those are the type of gay people—the only type of gay people that I have a problem with. I don’t have a problem with gay people. Like, Beyonce should’ve said, ‘Who run the world? Gays,’ because they’re everywhere.

Be gay, you can do that. Game don’t have a problem with gay people. Game has a problem with people that are pretending not to be gay and are gay because the number one issue with that is that you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die and so that in the closet s— is real scary.

So, we’ve got to get into the real seriousness of it and it’s just not fair to other people. Then that shit spreads because that girl that you might be fooling might leave you and go find another dude who ain’t gay and give him the disease. And he goes and cheats on her, so it’s an ongoing thing. So it’s ain’t cool to be in the closet. If you gay, just say you gay. Be gay and be proud.

In spite of our society becoming progressively accepting of gays and lesbians, hip-hop remains a very gendered and hyper-masculine space that views heterosexual prowess as a badge. Until rappers feel their fans (and their peers) will love them regardless of who they sleep with, we’ll continue to hear rumors about who is and who isn’t gay.

Watch The Game’s interview with DJ Vlad. What do you think? Will there ever be a popular openly gay rapper?

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  • secret ninja

    while i understand what he’s trying to say, he could have left the AIDS comment out of the equation. gay does not = AIDS, aside from that, timing is everything, his R.E.D album dropped last week so…yeah.

    • James

      He’s saying that some rappers try to be careful if your partner has aids, when did he say that all gays have aids??? He’s saying just becareful, if you don’t know if the other guys have aids or not…. use protection

  • Felicia

    LOL real convening when straights go all “heyyy I got NO problem with the gays–LOVE THEM, I swear–but for for the sake of public safety, cone out the closet and stop spreading the AIDS!” Please… Because we were all born yesterday and expected to believe that the Game ALWAYS wraps it for he taps it–wouldn’t touch THAT one with a 20 foot pole. How about guys like the Game stop making roundabout excuses for homophobia while simultaneously blaming gay people for why they’re so hated (“oh I only dislike the ones who have AIDS! Btw did you know all closeted gay men have AIDS? In fact, only gay men can spread AIDS. But other than that, I love the gays!”) and instead promote greater acceptance for homosexuality, thus further encouraging gay men to cone out? Cause the REAL reason they’re not coming out, Mr. Game, is not because they secretly want to infect all the masses with their gay-disease, it’s because of ignorant fools like yourself who make it so damn hard for a gay black man to feel safe and comfortable in his own community.

    • Felicia

      “convenient”* not “convening”

  • Matthew

    Wow. basically “The Game” indirectly said all gays have aids… people should just be smart and use protection…

  • chinaza

    Game needs to be educated about HIV.
    Your sexual orientation is your private business but it has become an issue in this sex-obsessed society.
    Sex is a focal point in hiphop lyrics including homophobia so they’ve put themselves under the microscope.
    Homosexuals have also insisted on forcing public recognition and “acceptance” of their personal choice.So since they object to the “don’t ask,don’t tell” approach,they have no cover when people (like the Game) demand that they “tell”.