In recent news, talk as to whether President Obama should have made an effort to prevent the execution of Troy Davis indicated that initially that he did, in fact, try to intervene – only to be followed by official, (and adamant) word that he in fact did not. The question is, should he have, and either way, should this be cause for major concern?

Originally, The Redding News Review claimed that over the span of 3 days, Barack Obama exhausted every legal method he could think of to spare the life of Troy Davis. The Review’s source alleged, “We looked at every possible avenue legally… There was not one there… It was a state case and I could not intervene because it wasn’t federal.” HuffPo reports that The Review later updated its story stating “The source said the president never called and was only concerned about an injustice, as he would do for any American.”

Then came the official word from the White House itself by way of communications director Dan Pfeiffer who flat out informed Politico that the Redding News Review story was absolutely false. His statement was echoed by American Urban Radio Networks radio host April Ryan who said, “That article was completely, 100 percent wrong.” She went on to say that Obama was “unequivocal” and that although he had a general concern for innocent death row prisoners (even advocating for the cause in Illinois prior to his presidency), there was “nothing he could do.”

So there it is. True or false, it’s the official story the Obama Administration wants the world to embrace. The question is: Is it worth catching feelings over? To some Obama critics, the POTUS is at it again, snubbing Black folks as usual. Many people believe that the execution of Troy Davis was a crime against humanity – and a real low point in modern day human rights in America. But with the multitude of problems facing the nation, can we – or better yet – should we expect the President to get involved in such matters, or are these precisely the instances a man of his purported values should’ve publicly made a stand?

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