At this year’s West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, a few of New York’s finest served up a little bit more than protection.

After a few women dressed in carnival garb–glittered bikinis, skimpy clothes, and traditional headdresses– decided to slow (or fast) whine on a few of the officers, some of the cops joined in on the fun. Although some officers looked hesitant (and the majority did not dance), one cop went alllllll the way in, dancing with several ladies and showing off his best daggering (thrusting) moves.

As we might expect, once this video went viral, many were outraged. As writer Demetria Lucas points out, “the weekend of the parade, 48 people were shot in New York City.” Furthermore, “Along the parade route, notorious for violent incidents — this year there were three shootings, the police seized 14 firearms and made 16 arrests.”

Both police commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg both chided the officers for getting their groove on, but Kelly said the incident wasn’t a big deal.

Kelly said: “Parades are full of energy, full of enthusiasm” and the officers appeared to get caught up in all the excitement. I’ve seen officers in my experience, sort of, you know, get caught up in the spirit of the parade. These young women approached the officers. [The officers] didn’t go out of their way to be approached”

While I can’t speak to the effectiveness of these officers, I have been in situations (ehem, New Orleans) where the police seemed to be more wrapped up in celebrating than protecting the public. Moreover, for a police department that has been plagued by several high-profile rape allegations as of late, this is yet another questionable incident to add to the list.

Even though I understand police officers are human, should they really be getting their groove on while on duty?

You tell us. Did NYPD officers cross the line or were they just having a good time? Sound off!

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  • S.

    So African American women can’t think for themselves and must dislike a bare-ass woman bending over and grinding on an on-duty Police Officer in public because of the “white-gaze”? O_o

    Hmm. Okay.

    Whether you like it or not, people will view “your culture” as f*cking disgusting sometimes. It’s just life.

    I’m AA and attended ‘For Sisters Only’ in Atlanta this past weekend and was disgusted to see a couple of little Black girls and a grown ass Black momma pop their booty on stage as the (mostly AA) crowd cheered them on.

    In life you will have people in and out of your ethnic group disagree with aspects of your culture… that’s just life.

    I will forever always think that a woman who is popping her booty and her cooch in public, is stimulating a sexual act whether or not she is doing it to be ‘sexual’

    If it wasn’t ‘sexual’ then these same people popping their ass, wouldn’t have a problem with their 5 or 6 year old baby girls popping their booty in front of grown men

  • PGS

    This debate over what Caribbeans do vs. Africans vs. Black Americans is just….stupid.

    We are people of the drum. All of us African-descended folks come from a a place (many countries in Africa) that dance–yes even “seductively”.

    [I’m curious, would you call these young girls “harlots” because they are hip swinging, popping it, and in bikini tops? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8xyjx_african-dancing-as-criancas-do-kwenha-01_music ]

    Traditional African dancing (yes, i know “Africa” isn’t a country, but a continent FULL of countries, cultures, and tribes), but traditional “African” dancing is frought with overt sexuality (among other things.) To to sit here and police people’s cultures and traditions because we may or may not understand them is extremely ignorant.

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