Among African Americans there seems to be no middle ground concerning Tyler Perry. Overwhelmingly, his work is either detested or revered. Forbes recently revealed him to be Hollywood’s highest earner last year, raking in 130 million bucks, sparking further debate within the Black community about the impact of TP’s films. Weighing in on Perry’s financial achievement on CNN’s Newsroom is writer/cultural critic Touré who considers the mogul to be one of the worst – “if not the worst” director in Ho-Town. He continues, “He’s willfully ignorant of the craft, and I can think of no aspect of the filmmaking craft that he excels at, certainly not acting or writing or cinematography or directing or set design.”
Touré’s critique extends far behind the film phenom’s cinematic expertise. He likened the overall message conveyed by Perry’s films to

“cinematic malt liquor for the masses,” or in other words, “If [Perry] was making chairs they would fall apart. If he were making food, it would make you throw up.”

Basically, what sickens the cultural critic about the whole Tyler Perry ‘brand’ is what he perceives as a celebration of “a certain victimhood and telling Black women that it’s okay to feel like a victim and to wallow in the pain of your life.” Objectively speaking, however, Touré admitted, “Black Southern women do not see themselves at all in Hollywood fare, so when he’s serving them movies where they appear to be in situations that are naturalistic and recognizable to them and definitely have that Christian message, I definitely understand why my grandmother, my mother and my aunts love this stuff.”

Which is why, despite what Touré, and other like-minded individuals declare, TP Studios keep crankin’ ‘em out. With 3 movies and a TV series already in the works, Tyler Perry’s 13th feature film, The Marriage Counselor, will begin production on October 25th. Malt liquor for the masses or food for thought, Tyler Perry’s moving full steam ahead – and all the way to the bank.

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  • July

    Ugh, I’m so sick of everyone targeting Toure’s wife. Seriously, get over it. You’re making so many assumptions that aren’t even fair.

    • Lady T

      truth is truth …..

  • Lora

    I employ any one of tyler haters to visit http://www.tylerperry.com. Please take a tour of his film studio so you can see what this man has accomplished. Many of his biggest critics will never achieve one percent of his success in their lifetime. That level of success is not pure lucks folks, it takes intelligence, grace and hardwork.

    Yes, I am an intellectual. Yes, his movies are a little trashy. However, when I watch Hollywood stuff its pretty clear that these folks do not care about black women. Lets us stop fooling ourselves. They will never make us lead in their lame comedies on primetime.

    I would rather support the success of a black man who is contributing to my community anyday. Its no for me but I will support him. I know where his heart is. What has Toure done to emply any black person lately? What has he created? Until you have ever tried to make a movie, employ thousands of black folks and keep them paid, don’t hate.

  • You know what I don’t understand? The same people on this post telling everyone they should love Tyler Perry because he’s black, will be on a Tyrese, or a Rihanna post TEARING THEM APART. Where is the support of Black artists there? Why is Tyler untouchable?

    • Perverted Alchemist

      The reason why Tyler Perry is untouchable is mostly due to him giving Black actress a lot of screen time- even if they cannot act (*coughGabrielleUnioncough*). What a lot of African-American women fail to realize is for all his accomplishments, he still makes them look like drama queens, damsels in distress and, worst of all, a walking stereotype.

  • Mrs. Dupree

    I thought Toure was gay, didn’t realize he was married with kids.

  • Nadell

    Toure’ maybe sorta irrelevant (in terms of industry status) but I completely understand his argument.
    I am extremely happy for Tyler Perry and all his accomplishments, success, milestones etc. but that doesn’t negate the fact that most of his work is very mediocre.
    Just because there is a lack of representation in film for black women, does this mean we must settle for any thing and accept whatever is handed to us? I agree, Hollywood isn’t designed for people of color but with all the talent, skills and creditability we should no longer wait or depend on anyone else….

    • Please Excuse Me

      I completely agree with you…TP is very successful and would like to see more diversity among African American women. I would love to see him create something different am tired of the woe is me I’ve been abused verbally, sexually, mentally, physically, socially and economically.