Love him, hate him or admire his game, that fact remains that you can ever underestimate the power of a high-strung, gun wielding, granny tranny. Tyler Perry has been named Hollywood’s highest earner this past year (May 2010-May 2011 to be exact) by Forbes magazine.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Spike Lee’s jaws clinching with rage.

Between two of his films Madea’s Big Happy Family, earning 53.3 million, Why Did I Get Married Too, raking in another 60 million and shows House of Payne and Meet The Browns, that brotha earned 130 million dollars in one year alone. Perry’s adaptation of For Colored Girls was also released during that time period.

The N’awlins born entertainment mogul – who recently celebrated his 42nd birthday on Tuesday – was followed by producer/directors Jerry Bruckheimer & Steven Spielberg in top earnings. To view Forbes’ entire list, click here.

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  • I saw that article yesterday. If I had known coonery sold so well, I would’ve jumped on the bandwagon ages ago. *smh*

    • SAA


      “If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Spike Lee’s jaws clinching with rage.” HILARIOUS!!

    • Malcolm X

      Let the church say AMEN!!! As a black man, I`m baffled at the lenghts this brotha will go to for fame and future. Only those who have sold their souls to The illuminati are allowed to reach certain heights. Once you`ve taken the oath, then, the sky`s the limit. Just consider all the big names in entertainment and ask yourself one poignant question, how did they get there? Would anyone with a very positive, uplifting, message be allowed to obtain such prominent position? I think not, especially if you`re black. This BUFFOON is nothing more than an agent, for The powers that be, in a very covert way. His themes carry, very, subliminal messages that are pernicious to us, as a, people. I won`t give this negro the time of day.


  • Hank

    He is a coon, a maroon, a buffoon and boon to all those that want to keep seeing black people as caricatures instead of individual, unique people that just happen to be black. It certainly doesn’t surprise me that he is staggeringly wealthy, because he is giving both black people and white people what they want to believe about black people on a platter, wrapped up with a bow.

    His portrayals of black people, and most particularly, black women, are shrugged off as “just entertainment”, but those renditions are corrosive in their own insidious way.

    BTW, putting the the message aside, and his race, he is also a complete hack as a director. Again, no surprise that he has become rich.

  • Strawberry

    Well…I’m not a hater…I’m happy for Tyler…Coonerie or not he puts black folks to work unlike racist ass hollywood. I must admit tho…Madea needs to be put to rest. Its getting old and I want to see tyler as himself not as a woman all the time.

    Spike lee…he’ll be alright.

    • bosslady

      Good response. Agreed.

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      I think the gist of this article is that he is part of ‘racist hollywood’. He is just doing what has always worked in hollywood – feeding ignorance.

  • Usagi

    I’m happy that he’s has that much money. Now, people can stop trying to guilt trip me into supporting his crappy movies and shows. He doesn’t need my money and I can put it into my comics and pocky(:

  • Clnmike

    He gives the people what they want, if you see it as coonery than you can blame the fans.