I saw a bunch of jokes about TypeF on Twitter this weekend, but I didn’t realize what was going on until the homie Natural Socialite posted this clip on Facebook:


I really wanted, needed, tried to believe this sister and that poorly-selected weave were joking. Alas, I think we were really supposed to believe that this shit is real hair.

*Pulls out violins, plays “I Am Not My Hair”*

For the record, I’m not anti-weave and I don’t shade Black women who opt out of wearing natural hair. How and ever, you deserve ALL OF THE SHADE THE WORLD’S TREES HAVE TO OFFER if you are going to record a hair-care video with a weave…an obvious and not at all natural looking one…and front like that’s your real hair. This is sad. This is really sad. If Tanya wanted to do a video about weave care, then more power to her. But there is no future in her fronting.

TypeF is Tyra Banks’ new foray into the world of beauty and fashion blogging and while some of the videos and articles look legit, the Black girl hair care videos are mostly a hot mess. Hopefully someone will do some quality control over at TypeF ASAP.



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  • I’ve watched these videos a number of times, and I’m convinced that this has to be a joke!! Or a marketing tool to get us to visit the site!!! No way can this be real!

  • iQgraphics

    yes that’s her hair. She paid for it. So by proxy, it’s her hair texture.

    I’m playing…

  • Gylain

    wow my little 10 yr old sister knows more about hair.

  • Nic

    Well, you know that Tyra isn’t about the honesty when it comes to hair. When she debuted her “natural” hair, it was just her freshly relaxed hair (relaxed really hard from the looks of it). I’m not sure why she didn’t say “real” hair since there are too many schools of her floating around on the internet for her to claim she has pin straight hair.