In Haiti, the reputation of the United Nations’ peacekeeping force has been complicated to say the least. Since the January 12th earthquake more than a year ago, the force has been accused of abuse as well as bringing cholera to the island. Now, with the most recent scandal involving the sexual assault of a young Haitian man, public outrage around the country has reached its boiling point.

This week, video captured using a cell phone showed a UN Peacekeeper from Uruguay raping a young man with his face down on a mattress. On the video, the victim, 18-year old Johnny Jean, is shown being assaulted on the video while the Peacekeeper and several of his colleagues are heard laughing in the background. The attack took place in the southern town of Port-Salut.


Both Jean and his mother, Rose Marie Jean, spoke out about the incident on local radio stations and testified beore a judge in a hearing on the July 28th assault. Initially, a preliminary UN report ruled out that a rape had occurred but the video made the charges impossible to ignore.

Since, Uruguay says they have dismissed the navy commander responsible for the assault and are launching an investigation as well.

In a letter apologizing to the Haitian people, Commander of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), Major General Luiz Ramos wrote:

As commander of the military forces of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti, I want to express my sincere regret for the unfortunate events caused by a small number of soldiers of MINUSTAH in Port-Salut…It is very unfortunate that the bad actions of a few tarnish the many good works of many others. Every day, the vast majority of staff of the MINUSTAH is working to display a high level of professionalism and discipline, and build good relations with the Haitian people. We are guests in your country.


Speaking of the incident, Haitian President Michel Martelly called the attack “a collective rape carried out against a young Haitian” and said it would not go unpunished.

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  • abominablealbinos

    Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. As the story says, this incident was going to be ignored if not for the cell phone video. So, I’m guessing that it has happened more times than one can count by these non-black un workers. This should be an example to the world that whites cannot be trusted when they enter other people’s countries in position of authority. And when you look at their history around the globe, them being the ONLY group of people that have a violent/oppressive history against EVERY single group on EVERY single hueman-inhabited continent, it is clear that they cannot be outside Europe with tight supervision by the native people in the lands they are going to and by those descendants of the groups whites kidnapped. Whites have cornered the market on worldwide abuses of hueman beings. It’s time we start acting like we know the truth about them and develop ways to more closely monitor them and develop systems of punishment when they carry on their genocidal behavior.

  • wjkL

    The white man not doing it in Haiti but he sure is everywhere else…Get rid of the “Peacekeepers” they do nothing anyway.

    • Dino

      Why can’t blacks take care of themselves? Why are they always the victims?