What is the world coming to? The better question is, what exactly is coming to the earth? US space officials say it’s a dead weather satellite (UARS) – one that has fallen out of orbit and is making its way towards a massive impact on our planet.

While it may sound like a rather benign, arbitrary occurrence, the 6 ton satellite is estimated to break into 26 pieces upon reaching the earth, and scatter over a span of 500 miles. Scientists cannot highlights specifics as to where and when it will land because the UARS’s orbit is descending much more rapidly than once expected, which they claim could be attributed to increased solar activity.

NASA contends that every continent on the planet (with the exception of Antarctica) could be the point of impact for the defunct satellite debris whose heaviest piece is about 350 lbs, incidentally. More details on the potentially hazardous event are expected to be available early next week.

Experts claim that since planet Earth is mostly water, the chances of it hitting land aren’t terribly high and the chance of it actually hitting a person is 1 in 3,200. NASA also states that scientists won’t be able to give a more accurate prediction in regards to a landing site unto two hours before it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. According to them, the public should not be too concerned since no human being has ever acted as a landing pad for space junk in the past. The truth is, however, there’s a first time for anything.

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