From Frugivore — Hi, my name is Danielle and I lack fitness motivation. Like many other people in the world I sometimes struggle with getting up and working out consistently. One little change to my normal routine can have me back on my all ice cream diet in a hurry. It’s hard to stay motivated when you feel like you’re trapped in an never-ending cycle of diet and exercise that yields no results, but giving up can’t be the answer. Sometimes all we need to get us moving and keep us working towards our fitness goals is a little inspiration. Here are a few celebs with bodies that will help you to put the double scoop of cookies and cream down and pick the weights up.

Legs: Ciara
If you’re looking for inspiration for your leg workout, look no further than Ciara. Ciara has the legs of life! Long, lean, sleek and defined, Ciara definitely has some of the best legs out and isn’t afraid to show them off. Next time you want to take the easy way out running that last mile on the treadmill, just look at Ciara and picture yourself with her amazing legs for next summer.

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