In the past few weeks, I’ve found myself inundated with polls. Between President Obama’s polling numbers and the purely hypothetical polling of potential GOP presidential candidates, I though I’d seen all the numbers I needed to. But this most recent poll from Wall Street Journal/ NBC News poll made me stop and think: what has been the most personally formative event in the past decade?

When asked what moments from recent history had the greatest effect on their life- nearly half of Americans said the economic recession has the biggest impact on their lives. Next, 20 percent listed the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Americans see little sign of improvement in the nation’s economy. Nearly four in ten (39%) surveyed in August said their personal economic situation has deteriorated in the past year, up four percentage points from a month earlier. Just 14% said their situation has improved and 47% said it stayed the same.


With the current worry about unemployment and the economy certainly is on the nation’s mind, the results of the poll aren’t all that surprise. The question asked respondents what has affected them the most personally in the past decade and while the ten year anniversary of 9/11 has caused reflection, for most Americans the economic downturn remains what plagues them day to day. Still, seeing the attacks listed second does conjure up old emotions. It seems just yesterday, our biggest worry as a country was the next attack. Now, it seems the double dip has become American’s greatest fear.

What do you think of the poll? What’s been the event in the past decade that affected your life the most? Tell us Clutchettes and gents- let’s discuss!

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