From The Grio — After less than 24 hours of freedom hip-hop star T.I. is already back in police custody. No official statement has been released but it’s clear the Federal Bureau of Prisons couldn’t accept that the rapper rolled out in a tinted luxury tour bus and caravan after his release from prison yesterday.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ is reporting that the beef stems from T.I. misinforming prison officials about the kind of vehicle he would be taking from prison to a halfway house where he is supposed to serve out a 1-month sentence. He told them he’d be riding to Atlanta in a nondescript van, not a superstar tour bus.

When will he learn? T.I. has spent almost as much time in trouble with authorities as he’s spent being a rap artist. So much of his previous run-ins with the law, though — dating back to 2007 — were avoidable.

What possessed T.I.’s handlers to allow him to make his trip from Arkansas to an Atlanta halfway house in a bus fit for a president? It wasn’t like T.I. spent time in some local lockup and could thumb his nose at authorities like he did in 2004 when he filmed a video in Fulton County jail. You can’t play with the feds like that. Still, T.I. seems to not want to break the relationship he has with getting on authorities’ nerves.

When you’re a young, black and famous rapper, you’re no fan of authority. But, jail cells shouldn’t be such a part of the narrative of Clifford Harris’s life — in, out, repeat. For this latest infraction, probably filmed by VH1 for his new T.I. reality show, the outcome is most likely little more than a slap on the wrist and a short return to prison. But why does T.I. push the line when it comes to second and third chances?

There should be a Guinness Book record for shortest prison release for a rapper? Add that toT.I.’s Grammy shelf.

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