Their tagline is simple, yet says it all: “Creative.College.Comedy.” Dormtainment is a video based website that specializes in sharp, unadulterated comedy. Based in Atlanta, it’s the collaboration of 6 young fellas whose core audience may be the collegiate crowd, but their appeal goes far beyond the halls of higher ed. A rarity in this present day and age, the Dormtainment cast possesses something that’s both original and refreshing. features their collection of video skits, merchandising, blogs & vlogs, and for real, these guys are funny as shyte. Every Sunday they bring it with a brand new sketch – also available on their Youtube channel – with a variety of subject material and comedic quality worthy of a prime time TV spot.

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  • K Doug

    I absolutely love them! I’ve seen basically all their videos! I hope they make it far!

  • Shayna

    I love them they are hilarious. Keep up the good work boys

  • that was hilarious !!!!