Everyone loves a well-dressed man and Marshall Anthony seeks to outfit men so that they are looking their very best.

Darhel Anthony and Caron Gabriel, the designers behind the brand, was kind enough to chat with Coco & Creme. So get to know the men behind Marshall Anthony and ladies, you might want to steal some of these pieces from the boys. Ladies in bow ties seem to what’s hot in the streets these days.

Coco + Creme: For those who may not be familiar with Marshall Anthony, tell us about the brand and how you got your start in this industry?

Darhel Anthony: Marshall Anthony is a deluxe menswear clothier and lifestyle brand owned by fashion designers Darhel Anthony and Caron Gabriel. Founded in 2009 by myself, the brand featured an original offering of handcrafted bow ties, true to traditional proportion, classic widths, and patterns.

C +C: Explain to our readers your inspiration behind your brand.

Caron Gabriel: Becoming more and more dissatisfied with the sartorial style of modern man, we decided we needed to share our vision of the modern day gentleman with the world. Marshall Anthony is evolving into a complete deluxe menswear line with a keen focus on proportion, fit, and timeless style.

C+C: What are the four most important elements of a man’s wardrobe?

DA: A survival kit if you will, for any man, if condensed into four items would consist of a navy blazer, a charcoal grey suit, a pair of dark wash jeans, and a pair of brown oxfords. With these items in place, he’ll find himself prepared for almost any occasion.

C+C: What type of man wears Marshall Anthony designs?

CG: Refined, witty, observant, and confident. He is a gentleman of effortless style.

C+C: In a generation where baggy jeans and oversized tees are the norm, what made you decide to market neckwear and accessories?

DA: Ties are the mark of a gentleman. They are somewhat symbolic of a transformation into refinement, which every man should make at some point in his life. Also, I started out hand making our product line, which is still done on occasion, and I believe that adds a measure of substance to our line.

C+C : What’s next for Marshall Anthony? Any dreams of taking over Fashion Week?

CG: To date, Marshall Anthony has expanded its offering to include ready to wear and made to measure shirting. The brand maintains a deluxe seasonal offering of handcrafted neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and braces. Soon to emerge, Marshall Anthony will become a fully functional menswear line. The brand will carry vertical product from umbrellas to shoes, everything necessary for the modern day gentleman.

Are you loving it? Check out more of Marshall Anthony’s designs (that range from $55-$95) on their site here and Tumblr here.

What do you think of Marshall Anthony bowties?

-Channing Hargrove, Interview by Krystal Franklin

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