This definitely qualifies for the WTF files.

A Dutch woman was recently charged with stalking after calling her ex-boyfriend a whopping 65,000 times in a year.

Apparently, the 42-year-old woman couldn’t get enough of her ex, and felt the need to call him repeatedly after the relationship was over. On Monday, police arrested the alleged stalker and confiscated several phones and computers from her home.

So why would ANYONE call someone–especially their ex–65.000 times? Well, according to the woman, the two were still a couple. Her 62-year-old former beau denies they were still a couple, and filed charges with the police.

Clearly the woman is crazy, but why didn’t her guy just change his number?

Things that make you go hmmm…

Have you ever done something crazy after the relationship went south? 


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  • African Mami

    I lauggggggggghed so hard when I read this story the other day! I’m guessing she is retired, in love, disturbed and had nothing better to do other than call. I would do the same. I mean c’mon!

  • geek chik

    she wasted a lot of time.!

    • shadow

      She was so far gone, she never realized it, smh.

  • Clnmike

    There are 365 days in a year, 8,760 hours in a year……….you call a dude 65,000 times……YOUR ASS IS CRAZY. I dont give a damn what he is doing, 65,000 is the only thing that counts here.

  • JoeClyde

    He was 62 and she was 42? Men stay winning.