When I first saw the headline for this video, my first thought was…”What the ENTIRE f*ck?! This can’t be real.” But unfortunately, it was.

Wannabe babymakers Pretty Ricky teamed up with some of our favorite ’90s R&B groups for the new song, “Knockin Your Heels Off.”

Never mind I think Pretty Ricky is corny as hell, but the video and the song sound more like it was a leftover track from Jodeci’s The Show, the After Party, and the Hotel, than anything remotely current.

Perhaps the funniest (or most tragic) thing, however, is the video. I know these guys were trying really, really hard to look sexy, but they failed, miserably. Pretty Ricky is styled in their best ’90s new jack swing-era attire, complete with black coat, gloves, and rope chain, and the R&B vets just look…old.

What hurts the most, though? As someone who once penend a letter to the Jodeci fan club when I was 11, seeing DeVante Swing looking like he’s one crack rock away from homelessness just kills my soul. Mama noooo!

Le sigh.

Peep the video and let me know your thoughts, Clutchettes. Maybe I’m too harsh?

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