It’s full steam ahead for the Occupy Wall Street protest in NYC, as 700 occupiers were arrested over the weekend.  Of the thousands participating in the demonstration, heading towards week three, 1500 activists staged an unauthorized march across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday.

The rally started along the sidewalks of the bridge spilled over into the road, despite the warnings of the police. CBS News states that the march shut down a lane of traffic for several hours on Saturday and that the majority of those arrested were given citations for disorderly conduct and were released – according to NYPD, that is.

The Daily Mail reports that all was well with the march across the famous bridge when individuals began to defy police orders and enter the roadway. As the confusion grew, so did the arrests as protesters shouted in unison “Shame! Shame!” News reports also indicate sheer confusion as the cause for many arrests – not all 1500 demonstrators crossing the bridge were aware of the official caution. But NYPD police spokesman Paul Browne asserts, “Multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway and that if they took roadway they would be arrested.”

And the protest continues nationwide. As CLUTCH reported last week, the Occupy Wall Street movement was picking up steam globally, but certain major US cities are seeing a sharp increase in civil unrest. Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Denver and Seattle are officially on board and gaining momentum in the fight against corporate destruction. The Daily Mail reports that The Occupy Boston movement appears to be the most well-developed of the off-shoot protests, (at present) with a proper crowd of about 1000 protesters, tents, medical supplies and even Wi-Fi, all situated at Dewey Square, across from the Federal Reserve building.



With potential protests in the works for more cities to come, the Occupy Wall Street movement has garnered the attention of the mainstream media, broadening their reach to the “99 percent” who are subject to the rule of the corporate elite. Whether the Wall Street Occupiers will gain enough steam to prompt a full-fledged revolution remains to be seen, but at day 16, their level of fortitude certainly provides some hope.


Click here for riveting photos and more details on this weekend’s arrests, and here for the word from the official horse’s mouth.

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